African Safari Collection

There’s nothing quite like the African bush. The anticipation of that epic sighting, paired with the serenity of the wait, makes time in the bush an experience like no other. This range is an ode to the subdued, but exhilarating, colours of the African wild – the peace that it invokes and the wonder that it stirs.

Collection Colours

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Queen Protea Collection

Able to survive with minimal rainfall and growing under the harshest of conditions, the beauty of the protea radiates across the fynbos region. Known for both their striking beauty and robust resilience, this range celebrates the splendor of the protea, alongside the immense power of South Africa’s women. The King Protea may be South Africa’s national flower, but this range celebrates the resilience and strength of the women – the queens, you might say – who call South Africa home.

Kiddies Collection

Is there anything more precious than the love shared between a child and their pet? We think not, and our Kiddies Range seeks to honour and celebrate that love. Made with bright and magical colours, and lengths that better suit the smaller fur loving humans in our lives, this range highlights the fun and joy that pets bring to our children, and the special bond that they share. Whether your child is getting a new puppy, or you’re just wanting to bring some magic and flare to your child’s dog-walking moments, this range is for all the kiddos and their furry friends!

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